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Why Build a CTConversion?

You might be wondering if it is possible to convert a cargo trailer into a camper?

Cargo trailers naturally carry a smaller initial price tag compared to fully decked-out travel trailers.

They are a blank canvas, which lets you design and build how you want it, rather than the vision of an RV designer, who does their best to create a travel trailer with general appeal and not to your specific needs or desires.

If you have been thinking about making a camper out of a cargo trailer or enclosed equipment trailer, think of the following tips to whet the appetite of your inspiration.

The Benefits Of Converting A Cargo Trailer Into A Camper?

Cost of a cargo trailer is going to be less than buying a travel trailer of the same size.

Many people who embrace a camper conversion do so out of a feeling that a lot of pre-built travel trailers are overloaded with features and appliances they will seldom use, while still driving up the price.

The relatively blank canvas of a cargo trailer lets you install the features you want in the configuration that works best for you. Not only can this turn out a camper that best meets your needs, but it usually costs less, and weighs less, which makes it an easier tow.

Another advantage is having the systems you want, designed and installed to operate the way you want for your own lifestyle.

Do you want the ability to boondock?
This means either a generator, or a properly designed and installed solar system.

Hot water on demand? This means carrying water to meet your needs as well as an efficient water heater.

Planning on taking your camper off the beaten path?
Most standard trailers come with a 4inch drop axle, swapping this out for a straight axle will give you added ground clearance.
We recommend your trailer ground clearance be at least the same as your tow vehilce.

Go Green
go off-grid

Light up your RV using the sun

harness the sun

Store the sun's energy
in an onboard battery system

Electrical Power

Convert the sun's energy
to electricity to power your RV

Opening up new adventures
new places to camp.

Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line