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Hunting Campers

Custom CTC Campers for Hunting

CT Conversions that easily handle off-grid hunting trips.
Imagine rolling up to your favorite hunting spot without having to spend hours setting up camp?

The Foundation

Ideally start with a 6' x 12' cargo trailer or smaller, this will allow you to get to more secluded locations

Some Basics to get Off-Road Agility

When we start with a trailer that has a typical 4" drop axle, we recommend replacing with a straight axle, this will give you needed ground clearance when traveling back roads.
This is also a good time to make any changes to the wheels and tires, for instance we can install idler hubs with a bolt pattern to match your tow vehicle in many cases.


We fully insulate walls and ceiling, insulating the floor is also an option.
Adding warmth with a Propex propane heater to easily heat the trailer on those cold winter hunts can make a huge difference in your comfort level.
Maxxair fans with remote can exchange the air in a hurry for those hot days with screened windows on both sides to provide sufficient air flow.


For a hunting off-road/grid CTC, solar can provide all the power you need for lighting, running fans, heaters, and pumps.
With the right configuration even a small TV can be operated using a small 200W Pure Sine Inverter.

If you are interested in having us build your custom hunting CTC, please contact us and we will help you get off-road in comfort.

Feel free to browse our other site HDCustomFab.com for more information about some of our past builds and projects.

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