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Design Services

Need a little assistance figuring out how to piece this puzzle together?.
We can help, whether you need just a little help with layout, knowing what size trailer to buy, or full layout and system design services we can provide the service you need to build your dream getaway trailer.

Help with Layout

Not sure what size trailer will fit your needs? We can help you determine what it will take to accommodate all the comforts you want in your CTC.


Whether you need 120 Volt systems or 12 Volt, we know what it takes to safely implement the electrical system that will deliver for you.
120 Volt systems can be intimidating but with the right design and guidance based on your needs you can explore the world safely and worry free.
12 Volt systems can extend the possibilities, with a properly design system you can explore beyond the limits of needing to stay in a campground with electrical hookups.
A battery system and perhaps a solar system can open many new opportunities and adventures.

We will provide electrical wiring diagrams, including wire sizes, and a rough budget estimate.


A well designed water system can help you stay out on the road longer and enjoy your adventures. Whether is it just a potable water system, or full hot and cold systems for showers and cleaning up, we can help you.
We will provide plumbing diagrams, including pipe sizes, and a rough budget estimate.

Full Design

Whether you need help with a specific system or a full design package with systems and layouts we can provide you with drawings and material lists to build the CTC to meet your needs.


Our design pricing schedule follows the same principle as our build services.
We charge a flat fee per square foot per system, or full design services.
Each individual system is priced at $1.25/sq ft.
A full design package is priced at $3.00/sq ft.
Example: 7x14 CTC is 98 sq ft, so a single system design would cost $122.50 and a full deign package would be $392.00


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Design Services

We can help with your design needs


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